Zkittlez Red HHC Vape Pens (3mL)

A high capacity (3mL) Disposable Vape Pen with pre-heat, ceramic coil and a Micro USB Port for recharging

– HHC: 2700mg
– 100% Hemp Derived
– 100% Natural Terpenes (OU Kosher Certified): 5%
– Zero Heavy Metals

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Dive into the colorful and zesty experience of our Zkittlez Red HHC Vape Pens. Each 3mL pen encapsulates the essence of the iconic Zkittlez flavor, masterfully blended to offer a premium vaping experience that combines the excitement of fruity candy flavors with the soothing effects of high-quality HHC.

Flavor Adventure: Our Zkittlez Red vape pens are a carnival of flavors, artfully crafted to awaken your senses. The vibrant burst of mixed fruits, with a dominant red berry essence, intertwines seamlessly with sweet, candy-like notes, delivering an exhilarating and memorable vaping journey.

Smooth Experience: Tailored for both newcomers and seasoned vapers, these pens offer a gentle, pleasing draw. The HHC concentration is finely tuned to provide a calming and enjoyable experience, making it a perfect choice for any part of your day.

Quality You Can Trust: At the heart of our Zkittlez Red HHC Vape Pens is a commitment to excellence. Sourced from the finest ingredients and subjected to stringent quality checks, each pen ensures a dependable and satisfying session, time after time.